Winter tires now required for driving on certain BC highways

As of October 1, 2016, BC’s new winter tire rules come into effect. Drivers traveling on certain routes throughout BC are now required to equip their vehicles with winter tires. The purpose of these requirements, according to the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, is to ensure drivers are adequately preparing their vehicles for driving in hazardous cold weather conditions. Those caught on designated routes without winter tires can be subject to a fine of $121. Those without the minimum tread depth (3.5 mm) can be fined $109.

winter driving

Tires accepted by the Ministry as winter tires include those labelled with the Mountain Snowflake symbol or the Mud and Snow (M+S) symbol.

Winter tires make it safer for you and everybody sharing the road by providing improved traction in snow, slush and ice. It is also recommended that drivers check the air pressure in their tires regularly as it tends to drop in colder weather.

Signs are now up on all the routes where winter tires are required. These include those approaching high mountain passes and highways where conditions change quickly and are particularly affected by winter conditions. Check the map here.

These requirements apply from October 1 to March 31. provides a suite of insurance products that help you protect the value of your vehicle including replacement cost, limited depreciation, post-crash guarantee and OEM parts. Contact a broker in your area to get a quote.

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