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Things to Remember if you are in an Accident

Accidents happen and it’s essential to make sure you have sufficient coverage to protect yourself in the event of a crash. Getting in an accident is stressful but it is important to handle the situation in a timely manner.  If you are in a car crash, make sure you follow the subsequent steps.

car accident

Get the details of all drivers and vehicles involved.

Document the following information:

  • driver’s name and licence number
  • contact information
  • licence plate number
  • year, make and model of vehicle

Get Contact information of Witnesses.

If there were any witnesses, make sure you collect their contact information. They may be contacted by the insurance agency to provide statements regarding the accident.

Collect relevant details of the crash scene.

  • What was the date, time and location of the accident?
  • What were the weather and road conditions?
  • Which direction were each of the vehicles traveling?
  • Where was your vehicle at the time of the accident?
  • Which lane was your vehicle in and where was the other vehicle in respect to you?

Report the Claim.

Contact ICBC and any other insurance provider to open a claim.

In the unfortunate event that you suffer a total loss, your settlement could be thousands below what you paid due to vehicle depreciation. It is important to make sure have the right insurance in place to protect you against this outcome. Having new car replacement insurance will help protect your investment in the vehicle and will cover the difference between the value of your car at the time it was written off and the cost to buy your car brand new in the latest model. Contact a DriveSure.ca broker today for more information.


DriveSure.ca provides a suite of insurance products that help you protect the value of your vehicle including replacement cost, limited depreciation, post-crash guarantee and OEM parts. Contact a DriveSure.ca broker in your area to get a quote.

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