How much will a insurance policy pay after a serious accident? insurance policies are designed to cover the gap between your settlement and the amount you paid for your vehicle.

Insurance Payout

What does that mean in terms of real numbers? How much has actually been paid out in the past?

You already know that the value of your car begins diminishing the second you drive it off the lot. Since traditional car insurance policies only cover the value of your vehicle at the time of the accident, the difference can be thousands of dollars – even if you’ve only been driving it for a few months.

In the unfortunate cases where clients have been in collisions and had to file claims on their policies, we have paid out several thousand dollars to individual car owners, helping them either get back in a brand new car or simply recoup the amounts lost on the vehicles.

The below are average claim payouts by based on the length of time the client owned the vehicle:


0-6 months:               $5,631

6-12 months:              $7,954

1-2 years:                    $11,456

2-3 years:                    $15,215

It is important to keep in mind that each claim is different and the amount paid out will be based on your individual circumstances.  However, you can see based on the data above the significant advantage having a policy can bring any car owner involved in a serious accident. There are a number of options available for any vehicle (new or pre-owned) and any budget. Your broker will be able to walk you through the available products and advise on the best one for you. provides a suite of insurance products that help you protect the value of your vehicle including replacement cost, limited depreciation, post-crash guarantee and OEM parts. Contact a broker in your area to get a quote.

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